Worry-free Wi-Fi solutions

Wifient provides smart managed Wi-Fi and networking services across the country. Our clients include retail outlets, hospitality services, large buildings and complexes, and big events.

Managed Wifi and Communications

Our technical experts install the hardware and monitor the network 24/7. Outages are detected and fixed immediately by our technicians so you never have to worry about a broken network. Wifient uses cloud-managed software from Cisco Systems and Ubiquiti Networks, which gives our techs full end-to-end visibility to solve any issues and expertly customize the network to fit your business needs.


Via a mobile device or laptop, track the entry/exit recordings of your premises and protect against theft, hold-ups, inventory shrinkage, and property crimes. All Wifient camera systems also include battery backup power, so your business stays protected in the event of a power outage.

Event Wifi

Don’t rely on cellphone towers to carry your event’s load, especially since every 100 event attendees use 8–12 megabits per second. Ensure a professional and rock solid event with Wifient, which provides smooth connectivity to external displays, sound systems, and presentations. Our network makes sure that Point of Sale (POS) systems stay connected to get every beer, ticket, and merchandise order, so you don’t have to worry about losing money due to device disconnects or a slow network.


Wifient, Inc.
1007 7th Street / Floor 5
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E: info@wifient.com
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