Cameras for people counting

Keep count of people with customized security camera systems that identify real humans.

Peace of mind

Via a mobile device or laptop, track the entry/exit recordings of your premises and protect against theft, hold-ups, inventory shrinkage, and property crimes, all while keeping count of real humans that pass the camera.

Hassle Free Install

We offer full end-to-end solutions from installation to ongoing support. Our engineers will create a custom site diagram and plan for your camera system, ensuring you have the right coverage to protect your assets. With 24/7 emergency repair service, our technicians are close by to make sure that any issue is resolved quickly and professionally.

Low Cost of Ownership

24/7 security coverage doesn’t have to break the bank. Our people counting cameras are affordable. 

Wifient People Counting Cameras

Wifient People Counting Cameras are ideal for concerts, passageways, and events where it’s important to know how many people are passing the camera. Innovative technology identifies humans and keeps track of how many people attend your event or pass by the camera.

Other camera features


24/7 Monitoring

Remote IP Access

Night Vision

Crystal Clear HD Recording

Safe Secure Cloud Storage

Always the Newest Camera Technology

About us

Who is Wifient?

Wifient was founded in 2005 by Sacramento-area tech veterans—the three founding partners worked for the original Sacramento-area Internet Service Providers (ISP). Since then, Wifient has been providing managed Wi-Fi and networking services across the country. Our clients include retail outlets, hospitality services, large buildings and complexes, and big events. Started in Folsom and headquartered in Sacramento California, Wifient has customers in 48 states.


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