Wifi for your event

Event Wifi from Wifient makes sure everyone is connected.


Don’t rely on cellphone towers to provide Wifi for your event, especially since every 100 event attendees use 8–12 megabits per second. Wifient ensures a stable network to provide Wifi for indoor events, Wifi for outdoor events, Wifi for concerts, Wifi for trade shows, Wifi for popup shops, Wifi for conventions, Wifi for product launches, and Wifi for movie shoots. Our professional event Wifi solutions make sure every ticket is scanned, every beverage sale is registered, and equipment is connected to the network.

Connected Attendees

With Wifient, we provide secure wifi access in a public space and allow guests to be greeted by a custom landing page promoting your venue or event—keeping their information safe. Concert-goers can also check in and upload pictures and videos to their favorite social media sites, while business event attendees will have no problem staying connected to update presentations, keep track of their business, or network to make new contacts.

Tiered Network Access

Ensure a professional and coherent event with Wifient, which provides smooth connectivity to external displays, sound systems, and presentations. Our network makes sure that Point of Sale (POS) systems stay connected to get every beer, ticket, and merchandise order, so you don’t have to worry about losing money due to device disconnects or a slow network.


With Wifient, you won’t have to wonder if your Wifi will work. We support you every step of the way: from installation, to creating custom splash pages that appear when a user logs in, to monitoring your network for issues. With Wifient, you can focus on your event while we focus on serving your Wifi needs.

High Density Wireless Equipment

Don’t rely on cell phone hot spots to provide Wifi for your event. With our high density wireless equipment, we ensure that your event attendees, vendors, displays, and point of sale (POS) electronics all have a fast, secure connection.


Wondering how many people logged in to Wifi at your event? Need more information about how people used the network? We provide easy to understand reports.

Content Filtering

Make sure your event attendees focus on the event and access appropriate content while using the network.

Custom Splash Pages

Want to connect with your event attendees? We create custom splash pages where attendees can learn more about your organization, featured businesses, and submit their personal information for you to contact them later.

Recent Events

These events entrusted Wifient to provide competitively priced and efficient network solutions. Over 90% of our event customers come back to us year after year. We’re proud to have worked with these productions, and look forward to working with you.

Who is Wifient?

Wifient was founded in 2005 by Sacramento-area tech veterans—the three founding partners worked for the original Sacramento-area Internet Service Providers (ISP). Since then, Wifient has been providing managed Wi-Fi and networking services across the country. Our clients include retail outlets, hospitality services, large buildings and complexes, and big events. Started in Folsom and headquartered in Sacramento California, Wifient has customers in 48 states.


Wifient, Inc.
1007 7th Street / Floor 5
Sacramento, CA 95814

E: info@wifient.com
T : 877-410-7873 Ext. 2

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