Worry-free wifi solutions
for your property or REIT.

You manage your business, we manage your wifi.


Wifient uses industry-leading hardware including 802.11ac capable access points. Our devices use MIMO, and 4×4 dual-radio which allow gigabit speeds and 500+ clients connecting. In certain markets, we sell fiber which can provide commercial-grade gigabit speeds. Regardless of the broadband connection, Wifient smartly manages broadband so critical operations like security, point of sale, ticketing, and VoIP always take the highest priority and one specific user can’t “hog” all the broadband—meaning your business securely connects users and makes the sale. Many competitors are not able to provide these options.


Our experts install the hardware and monitor the network 24/7. Outages are detected and fixed immediately by our technicians so you never have to worry about a broken network. Wifient uses cloud-managed software from Cisco Systems and Ubiquiti Networks, which gives our techs full end-to-end visibility to solve any issues and expertly customize the network to fit your business needs.

IT Services

Broadband goes down? Network acting funny at the most inopportune time? The Point of Sale (POS) vendor needs a special network configuration? Look no further than your Wifient contact to quickly make changes and keep your network 100 percent functional. When you outsource the management of your technology and end users to Wifient’s experts, you get a team of certified, seasoned technicians at a fraction of the cost. We make sure our clients stay completely focused on their business and never have to think about their network. Hardware and software are automatically kept up-to-date and Wi-Fi devices are constantly scanning for security threats to keep our clients updated and guarded.

Managed Properties & REITs


Apartment complexes across the country use Wifient to provide turnkey Wi-Fi solutions for their leasing centers, offices, gyms, pool areas, and entire community-wide Wi-Fi networks. With Wifient, corporate IT departments don’t have to think about the public Wi-Fi configurations, support issues, hardware issues, and broadband issues, as Wifient takes care of the network.

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About us

Who is Wifient?

Wifient was founded in 2005 by Sacramento-area tech veterans—the three founding partners worked for the original Sacramento-area Internet Service Providers (ISP). Since then, Wifient has been providing managed Wi-Fi and networking services across the country. Our clients include retail outlets, hospitality services, large buildings and complexes, and big events. Started in Folsom and headquartered in Sacramento California, Wifient has customers in 48 states.


Wifient, Inc.
1007 7th Street / Floor 5
Sacramento, CA 95814

E: info@wifient.com
T : 877-410-7873 Ext. 2

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